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Ingenious and Handy

This foldable car doorstep hooks securely over the latches in your car’s door and allows you to safely and comfortably reach your vehicle’s roof. Its handy features eliminate the dirty shoe marks on seats or the need for step stools and makes getting your gear on or off your roof a breeze!

Portable and Foldable

functional platform

With a bearing capacity of up to 400 pounds and a grippy, non-slip surface this nifty little gadget is the ultimate car accessory. It also doubles as a safety hammer in case you get trapped or as an anti-skid device. Shorten the distance between you and your car’s roof in just a single step!

Easily Reach Your Car's Roof

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RoadStep RoadStep


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Access your car’s rooftop with ease!

With this foldable car doorstep, you can take the hassle out of putting or removing things from your vehicle’s roof!

The RoadStep features a simple latch design with no complicated assembly and a non-slip footing surface to prevent any accidental slippage or dents to your door. It’s designed to fit any and all vehicles in either the front or rear doors and doubles as an emergency safety hammer and anti-skid device.

Our innovative doorstep will give you the boost you need to adjust rooftop cargo and secure everything from skis to surfboards. Gear up and get going with this handy car accessory now!

Key Features

  • High-Quality Materials: This handy car step is made of aluminum alloy and is designed to support up to 400 pounds/180kg. Its rugged design is extremely durable and built to last.
  • Secure & Non-slip: It’s designed with a frosted surface to provide solid and secure support for standing and a non-slip, environmental PVE rubber to prevent accidents and paint scratching. In cases of emergency, you can also use it to break car windows or prevent skidding
  • Portable Design: It measures around 15x7.5 cm, is easy to store, and can be folded to 90°.  It’s also compatible with most kinds of cars and all sizes of feet. 
  • Easy to Install: Taking every convenience into consideration, all you need is to hook the RoadStep onto your car door latch- no drilling required!




  • High hardness aluminum alloy

Product Size

  • 18CM × 9CM × 3CM


  • 0.33Kg


  • Black / Silver

Package Contents

  • Multifunctional Car Door Pedal × 1


  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.
  • Under the industrial regulation, the slam-door latch must withstand the force of 2500 pounds at least, please be free of worry about damage on the latch while you step on the doorstep.
  • We are not responsible for any injuries which may occur.